Animals on board

Animals on board

You can take your pet along on all our routes. A fee is charged for the transport of an animal. For fees for carriage of an animal in cabin or in the cargo section, please refer to the corresponding section below.

Pet animals are defined as dogs and cats. All other animals, such as rodents and reptiles, are not allowed either in the cabine or in the cargo hold.

Passengers are responsible for obtaining the necessary documents/certificates and health certificates.

Please get the information in time about immigration rules of animals at the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office. The immigration of dogs and cats from rabies countries (the correspondent list can be found on the homepage) is only allowed with the permission of the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office (SFVO). Without this permission the animals are refused at Swiss customs and have to be brought back to their country of origin.

Necessary Documents/Requirements
  • Vaccination papers (Anti-rabies inoculation at least 21 days and not more than 1 year)
  • Breeder's document
  • Veterinary attestation as to the health of the animal
  • For exotic animals: Owner's permission
  • Microchip implant
Animal Embargo

Animal transport by air is subject to laws and regulations that differ substantially from country to country. The following countries do not allow animals to be transported in the cabin nor checked-in as “baggage”: South Africa* (Capetown) and Scotland (Edinburgh). Animals travelling to these countries may only be checked in as freight.

*The regulations apply only for the import of animals in this country

Information concerning transport as freight you find here
In Scotland (Edinburgh) all live animals are subject to inspection on arrival and will be kept in quarantine for a certain period (1-6 months).

Further information is available at:
IATA, Traveller’s Pet Corner

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